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To sing a song, to praise His Name
'cause we're so mighty glad He came
He took our sins, He carried our share,
He set us free and taught us His prayer.
Now, fly as a free bird and let your light shine bright,
so people will recognize the Lord and glorify His Might.

by Dr. Trudy Veerman

This is the Day that the Lord has made......

Testimonies from people who visited "A Christian Counselor" Website.
(Please note, underlined words are linked to articles)

   From Germany.
I have printed out most of the useful topics that you have listed on the "Christian Counselor" homepage. The one that has affected me most is the one "Speak in Tongues".
I took a couple of days to read it over and checked out all of the scripture references. As I got to the last chapter I started getting nervous. If and when I found out something I can do to strengthen my faith in the LORD, I want to do it.
Well, I had reached the point in the book where I had to step out in faith, or tuck my tail and run. I had never really believed in speaking tongues. My mother's father was a Pentecostal Preacher, and I have been told that he was a man FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT. My mother would tell me of the times that she would be overcome by the Spirit and would speak in tongues and lay hands on people, and they would be healed! I thought, "No way... Not my alcoholic, weak-minded mother."

I am a new Christian and the times she would tell me those things, I don't think that I even believed in God (or if I did it was just to not burn any bridges).
That afternoon about a month ago (today is 2 MAY 98), I will never forget. While my wife was taking a nap, I went into my living room and knelt down on the floor. I placed the Bible in front of me, and earnestly prayed for the Lord to baptize me with the Holy Spirit. I almost passed out because I was so nervous. And to tell you the truth, I was scared!
I spoke for about 5-7 minutes in an unknown language and stopped when I felt the urge.

I got on the phone right away to a co-worker, who has witnessed to me in the past about tongues. His wife answered the phone so I didn't really know what to say. I told her that I had just been baptized by the Holy Spirit. She was ecstatic! She could sense that I was a little confused and needed someone to help explain to me what I was going through. She invited me over and the rest is history!

If this message is visible to people, I would encourage anyone and everyone to read the topic on "Speak in Tongues". Start out with the topic on "The Holy Spirit". Have your Bible handy and look up all of the scripture references. Pray about it, and the Holy Spirit will guide you.
Your time on Earth this time around will be much more rewarding as a result of The Holy Spirit! God Bless to All. Spread the WORD!!

   From Minnesota, USA.
Really love your website..... a real encouragement to me regarding the Baptism in the Holy Ghost... answered questions that I have had... May the Lord continue to use you as you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit in ministering to others...

  From L.P., Florida.
I praise Jesus Christ for bringing me to "A Christian Counsellor" website. Many times I just don't feel fed by what is being taught in the pulpit and had been praying that the Lord help me to grow spiritually.� I believe that answer was finding your web-site!
I feel the presence of the Lord whenever I log on and His word is so real.� Your faithful glorification uplifts my spirit and my strength is renewed.� Sometimes I laugh and sometimes cry and sometimes brought to my knees in repentance.

I particularly enjoyed "Wedding Bells" about your marriage made in Heaven.� I also suffer from clinical depression and rely on Jesus to get me through each day.� Yes, I too have contemplated suicide. That is very painful to admit.� I have always tried to surpress those memories and felt great shame because of them.� I often wondered "what kind of christian woman could I possible be if I felt that way"?� How could I ever expect to grow spiritually if I was such a weak vessel?� I knew Jesus was faithful but feared what I would/could become.

Reading "Trudy's Testimony", your "War-time Memories", etc.� has shown me that I am not alone down here.� Bad things do happen to Christian women and we can continue to glorify Him even in our sufferings. Jesus has been carrying me for many years and I look forward to the day that He says "well done".

Honestly though, it is through the work of the Holy Spirit and the faithful servants, like yourself, that deserves that "well done".� I am so grateful to the body of Christ!� Thank you so much for your faithful, Godly counsel.
I feel as if I have grown by leaps and bounds! I also feel as if I have my very own spiritual advisor who I can tell anything.� I pray for your ministry and you daily.
I guess I can't write anything in a few words.... I could go on and on about what you have done for me.�"A Christian Counselor" web-site gives me such a sense of peace.� I just love the music and I print out pages of it and place them on the wall.�� My favorite is "Glorify Him" testimonies. I pray many more people take advantage of this web-site.

  From Jacksonville, Florida.
Oh, dear sister in Christ . . . your page is a blessing! Your article on Speaking in Tongues is a wonder, and such wisdom! Reading your personal testimony lifted my heart and my faith , thank you precious soul for sharing. Our Lord is so mighty and giving and always is ready to hear our prayer if we are sincere. Continue your wonderful work.

  From Centreville, Md.
Your Testimony is very encouraging; I couldn't help but be rushed with emotion when reading what the Lord has done for yet another one of his children. The Lord is truly good. I give thanks and praise to God Almighty through Jesus Christ our Lord AMEN! Thank-you for your web sites. Peace be with you. Keep persevering in Christ. God Bless You!

   From D.D., Florida.
I was saved about 20 years ago, but never really came to know the Lord. I had never established a personal relationship with Him. I did a lot of backsliding and always came running back to Him in times of turmoil, and they were a plenty!!
I was a heroin addict for many years, walked the streets, begged, borrowed and stold from family, friends and foe. I experienced the tragedy of abortion, gave up a child to adoption and had a child out of wedlock. Came close to death through overdose, rape, abusive men in my life. Through all this, God was always speaking to me, "Debra, I have a purpose for your life... I didn't listen.

Aids became prominent in the drug scene around 1980, I actually got down on my knees in front of a television set after learning on the 6:00 PM news that people were dying of Aids due to sharing dirty needles. God had my attention now!! I called out to Him in desperation, and He was there for me, He pulled me up out of the ditch I was in. I turned my life over to Him totally. I asked that He spare me from this terrible disease and I would listen to His call.

Our God is an AWESOME God, He faithfully answered my request. How ? I have watched people pass away from Aids over the past 10 or more years. People I actually shared a bloody needle with on several, several occasions. I am totally FREE of Aids to this precious day!! Praise His Mighty name! God told me time and time again, "Debra, I have a purpose for you in this life, I am so grateful I am here to fulfill that purpose."

"A Christian Counselor" website has been a great blessing to me. I was especially blessed by the article "Suicidal Thoughts". I lost my husband 1 year ago today. I had a lot of misconceptions, and unanswered questions that were answered by Trudy's guidance and knowledge of God's Word. She also has been there to answer and guide me. I praise the Lord for her ministry.
Philippians 4:13 "I can do ALL things, through Christ Who strengthens me."

  From New Jersey.
I'm just writing to let you know that out of all the Christian web sites, this is my absolute favorite!! This site has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with my depression, by reading the article Subjecting Your Thoughts. I really want to thank you for taking the time out to write and prepare this site.

The LORD has definitely given you a great task to complete and you have done an excellent job in doing so. I am wondering if you answer personal questions. Well if you have time to write back please do so, I would love to hear from you.
Thank you for being there. "Hope Lives" from the Christian World at Active Worlds referred me to you....thank you again.

   From Florida.
Sis Trudy, Your article on the Gift of Tongues is absolutely fantastic. It will help many who have some of the same questions you mentioned.
Thank you for all the time and prayer it took to write such a wonderful, enlightening article on a subject that is frequently falsely taught and misunderstood by so many well intentioned ministers. Blessings, For Christ.

   From Florida.
I have just been touched so deeply by you and your website that I didn't know where to begin.� To make this short and full of love at the same time� :)� I have to say that your pages on "Depression and Subjecting Your Thoughts" and "Never Give Up" are what has helped me the most.

I have dealt with depression and wanting to just run away and give up for a long time; I even admitted to my sweet hubby that I almost ran away one day just to "get away" from everything.� That is a terrible feeling, Trudy, and it made me feel like I was a prisoner in my own body.
� I had gotten past the stage of wanting to have the relief of being in Heaven before it was His time; I knew that would be disasterous; but I was at the point that I wanted to run from conflict, responsibilities, and people I loved.�

With prayer, the help of sweet Christian internet sisters and brothers, and with the help of your pages, I could better deal with this.� Now I may get disappointed in life, and I guess you could say a little depressed, but nothing like I used to have, and I thank Jesus for my deliverance!!!

I was so also deeply touched by your page "Wedding Bells", how you met and married your dear hubby.� Wow, the Lord is MAGNIFICENT!!!� Thank you so much for sharing that with me!

  From North Carolina, USA.
Trudy, This is always a blessing to me every time I am here at your website "A Christian Counselor". The spirit of the Lord is strong on these pages. Keep up all the wonderful work you are doing here. What a wonderful ministry you have. So many of us need to have a place to go when maybe we can't go anywhere else, and we have found a friend here. Thank you again for bringing God close. God Bless. IN HIS GRIP

  Thank you so much for the articles on The Holy Spirit, and Speak in Tongues.
I have been baptised in the Holy Ghost and speak in my prayer language sometimes, but lately not at all. I really thought I had lost it, until I read your articles.

I prayed and gave God all the praise and glory, and asked for a refreshing, and then I just received all I had been given. I praised the Lord all afternoon, and was so blessed to be able to give unto my Lord in this way.

We had tornado warnings for our county all evening and our son had just left for praise and worship practice. At the time we did't know about the warnings, just as he left the phone rang and it was a church member telling me about the warnings and how bad it already was there. It was exactly where our son was headed. We were able to call him on our 2 way radio and he made it home just as golf ball sized hail started to come down.The whole time waiting for him to get home I was out on the porch praising God.

I had told the Lord just that day, from now on He would be first always in my life and everything and everyone next. I have always tended not to have my son where he shouldn't be. He is our only child, a baby of 22 years. I gave my praise to my Lord, because in giving all I had to Him, that He was in control. Praise The Lord.

   From New Zealand.
I just wanted to write and thank you again for your really wonderful site!! I signed your guestbook before. I stayed up 1/2 the night last night and tonight reading
"Your Testimony"
and other topics of great interest and help to me.
And thank you and the Lord for the time and effort you have put in to teach people like me how to begin to achieve a truly good and faithful relationship with the Lord!!!
God Bless You.

  From: J.V., Indian expat. living in Doha, Qatar.
HI, Praise be to God. I was really feeling so depressed today. I am working in a company as an comp.engineer, on probationary basis for 3 months. Today I felt so helpless cbecause I didn't know many stuff, I was wondering if this is the place God wants me to be, I was feeling inadequate, dumband frustrated. This is my first job after my graduation last June.
I also felt I couldnt hold on much longer because I wasn't getting paid and I was doubtful as to whether I would ever be offered a permanent position. But after reading this page I really feel good and grateful to God for reminding me again that "I can do all things thr'u Christ who strenthens me".

�������� Words cannot express how absolutely great I felt after reading your writing AWESOME.   I thank and praise God for all that He has done and is still doing in your life. I accepted Jesus as my Saviour 3 yrs ago. Now at 21, I can say that he has been the best friend I've ever had. When I came here to Doha, Qatar,� I had to leave all of my friends behind in India.
I also felt that this being a muslim country I would lose my connection with God because th'o I do attend church at the British Embassy here, I would always miss the great praise and worship sessions that I was used to attending while in College.

But the Lord promised me that He was taking me to higher grounds and I blindly accepted His will and came here. It was one day when I was feeling really down that I browsed in to your site . I am so grateful to God for showing me your place. You can't imagine how much it means to me...to be able to hear and talk about Jesus. I feel like I've found a friend..somebody whom MY BEST FRIEND in Heaven has recommended. To cut it all short ...thanks for what you are doing. Thanks a lot. I'll remember u in my prayers. God Bless Your Ministry. Love.

  From: Tom, Mexico.
Hey, Trudy! God led me to your web page. It was a real blessing to me. Great site! I am a pilot. I support mission work in Mexico. For years my life was a total mess until a Christian Counselor helped me. I am pretty cut off down here and it gets lonely. Your site is inspirational. It helped remind me that we can never be far from God and His grace, care and mercy. I'll be back! Thanks, and God Bless you and your work!

  From: B, ?
I am richly blessed by God, but moreso now that I have found this site.� I was seeking help on predetermined topics, and, lo and behold, they are here!� The articles and books give in-depth advice and guidance uncommon in other Christian sites...the quick and short answers have never helped me. From a long-time Christian.
Keep up the excellent site for Christ's glory!

  From: David
There is Peace and Tranquillity radiating from this site.
Its fragrance is sweet, its structure is smooth and bright.
It brings Hope and Relieve to a world in pain.
It's like heavenly music, a song and its refrain.
This must be of God, Who works through His Love.
To bring a smile, a touch, a kind word from above.

  From somewhere in the USA:
Dear Trudy, Thank you so much for your response to my e-mail!! What a blessing you have been to me.� I studied your articles on the Holy Spirit, and prayed and prayed.� God blessed me with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gift of speaking in tongues!!! I am so grateful for your website.� All of the articles are uplifting and helpful. I praise the Lord for your help and for your letter to me about my daughter.� I have copied it and I reread it often throughout the day.� It is of great comfort to me.� I am praying that God helps me to let go of her, and to leave her in His Hands, as you suggest.� It is still not so easy, but I am confident that the Lord hears my cries and that He will help me.� Thank you again for your quick response and your note of encouragement!!� May God richly bless you for all you are doing to help others!!� I know beyond a doubt that He sent you to me!!!

   From Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Praise God for this word. I am in the process of being delivered from a cocaine addiction. I have been seeking the face of GOD for my healing. This site is truly a blessing.... Please pray for me! PRAISE THE LORD!!

  From Colorado
Praise be to GOD that there are people such as you who really care for HIS kingdom and HIS children. Those of us that are hurting find comfort in your ministry. May HE bless and keep you. Thank you for being there.

HERE!   From Maryland
Hi, This is something that everyone needs. Please, never stop giving Godly advice. The gospel can be used in every aspect of our lives. God is the foundation for everything that is right and true. Thanks for being there. I pray that you too are touch by the Spirit to be restored when needed. Understanding must be there that when you give so much out,like Jesus after fasting for 40 days/nights, he was tempted, he was also ministered unto by the angels. You too, must be ministered to. I will pray for you too. All of us need one another as long as we remember where our strength lies. AMEN!

   From Colorado
I want to add my thanks to the many you've helped through these pages. Its awesome to see someone just doing what God calls them to do without thinking of payment or rewards. This is truly answering the call. In His grace.

Your story is truly amazing. Like amazing Grace. Once I started to read your testimony, I could not take my eyes off the screen. I feel so blessed after reading your story. I have your site bookmarked, so I can come again and again. I can not wait to see what other blessings are in store. My prayer is that the Lord continues to bless you and keep you. I Praise God for your ministry, In Jesus.

I was searching for a WEB SITE to help me with a problem for which I need Christain Counseling, and there was a link to this site. I thank God I found this SITE. I have more info. now than I had before. THANK YOU and God BLESS.

   From Florida
Very good site! I felt the Spirit as I browsed, as my spirit agreed with the writer's. We are Spirit-filled Christians who believe in living the life in the likeness of Jesus. God Bless you in you endevours.

   From Ovid, NY
I know there are many, many, MANY, "hurting" people out there, just like I WAS.....
Yes Trudy, I remember those early letters I wrote on your guestbook, especially the "first" one! I don't even have to look it up because all I have to do is think about that letter and the "hopeless frame of mind" that I had been in for so long -- and a dark heaviness starts to fill my mind, so I refuse to even dwell on it. That part of me is "DEAD" and "GONE FOREVER"! And I give God all the glory. Isn't He magnificent??? He loved me enough to take this once very 'poor-minded', very sick, spiritually-dying woman, and placed her right into the hands of a very wise, loving, and "ON-FIRE" Christian Counselor -- YOU!
I see it completely as His plan, because the "odds" of us ever meeting, outside of Him, seem totally obscure!! THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!�
So, I want to thank you, again, with all of my heart for writing back to me that first time.� I can't even imagine where I might be today, if the Lord had not brought you into my life!

   I wanted to thank you for the article on Sex & the Christian Marriage. My husband and I have been married for over 20 years and� in the past 5 years we have given our lives over to our Lord. This was one area we never asked anyone about, we assumed what we did as a married couple was OK . Thank you for showing us that we were wrong.I believe both of us always felt bad about these things. As I'm writing this my husband is throwing away everything and anything he can find that may not be pleasing to God. Thank you so much for helping one couple see one more way to get sin and the destroyer out of their lives. God Bless you.

  From Waycross, Georgia
Your testimony nearly made me cry, I am very thankful for it! I was a very ignorant, brutal young man who was addicted to drugs and sought purpose. I believed that the Neo-Nazi Movement was a good thing...the people became genuinely good friends. But a slow downward spiral of events led me into the loving embrace of Savior Jesus Christ! Looking back at my life, through the drugs and military prison, skinheads and occultism...Christ is the still GREATEST! And He always will remain furthermore the focus of my life.

You have a wonderful testimony. I was doing research for my Sunday school lesson. We are going through a study entitled "Faith under Fire", from David Faust, and I was looking for some examples to share with my class. I stumbled upon your story and was deeply moved and put in the Spirit to worship. Thank you again for your message.


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