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An email from a Brother.
Dear Trudy,
There are no words that could express the joy I have in my heart at the present time. I’ve been born again, again. I no longer hate myself. I have forgiven myself. Thank you so much for the help you’ve given me. God has been doing so much in my life lately. We truly do have an awesome God. I’ve been so blessed by your e-mails and the material you have provided on your web site. This evening I attended a church service and ran across two dear friends whom I haven’t seen for years even though they live in the same town. They’ve both been born again and now we’ll be getting together to worship God together. We’ll be praying together for other members of their family and I know in my heart that they are going to be saved also because God’s word says so.
If I never meet you on earth my prayer is that I would meet you in heaven.
Thank you again,
Your brother in Christ.

From a Brother in England.
It never ceases to amaze me how the Holy Spirit works. He gives us what we need just when we need it. His timing is perfect. Your writing A Desperate Cry ministered to me. Thank you.

I was born very short sighted, and over the years my eyesight has deteriorated. I am now registered as blind, but I still have some sight it's just round the edges of my sight that is going. This means that awareness of what is behind and at the side of me has greatly deminished. I am still able go out on my own although of course I find difficulty in crossing roads, reading signs and bus destinations, etc. unless I am half a metre or so away.

Anyway I found myself in the picturesque village of Glossop in Derbyshire (I travelled there by hopping on and off several Busses)and it being a Bank Holiday with limited Bus Service I missed the last bus back. I found the train Station and caught a train to Manchester (where I could get a train directly back home to Bradford). Wilst I was waiting on the platform I admired the beautiful rolling hills (they are very large hills, this part of the country is called The Peak District) and all I could say in between praising God for His beautiful creation was "I will lift up mine eyes towards the hills from whence cometh my strength. My strength cometh from the Lord the creator of Heaven and Earth".

When I got to Manchester I realised that I was at Piccadilly station and not Victoria, a half a mile across the City. I needed to use the toilet and I was also hungry and thirsty. It was in the seedy not to clean toilets that I cried to the Lord for help. I asked the Holy Spirit to enpower me to get across the dangerous City and home safely. I had a burger and fries and a drink and set off across the City. It was the Lord that gave me the confidence that guided me accross that City. (I have been to Manchester a few times so some things apeared familiar) I had ten minutes to wait for the train when I got to Victoria.

I just remembered your email and was surprised and thrilled when I read your web page A Desperate Cry .

Of course we Christians are sometimes in danger of taking things for granted when it's our own silly fault for not setting off back home in time to catch the bus, but I knew even in the suroundings of a station urinal my God would hear my cry, and guide me back home. Praise His Holy name.

I truly know that He is my strong deliverer. Thanks again and a Big Hug.

From a brother.
Since I read your enlightening words on Sexuality, my life has changed. I think something inside my mind has just broken. I used to think that it seems in marrriage anything goes when it comes to sexual activity and I felt that if anything goes in marriage then anything should go when we're single as well - but after reading those words on your website, I realize that it's all sin - no one ever came that direct about the subject before and I needed it. I'm single but I've struggled with those issues and it affected the way I lived - but now I'm clean and clear from those issues. The Truth has set me free. Thank you and may God continue to speak through you. Amen !

From a sister and servant of the Lord.
I just want to let you know how much of a blessing your web site is. I've used it a few times in our Bible studies in my home, in the last 2 years. As the Lord leads me in my new ministry as an ordained minister just recently, I want to let you know I will continue to teach God's children from your teachings as well as from the Bible, which seem to be changing lives more than ever. I pray God will continue to bless you as you add more teachings. One of my congregation was only 43 years old and just recently went home to be with the Lord due to a severe illness. It was as if he knew he was not going to be with us here on earth very long. He asked me to teach him what the Bible says about cremation. I'll never forget how much your teaching on CREMATION helped answer his questions and how your other teachings were a blessing to him, as well as to the rest of us. God bless you and yours always!!!

From Texas.
Trudy, words cannot cover what a blessing your website is. It is truly anointed of God. Your site is a testimony that each life is precious to God and that He has a purpose for each one ,if only we will turn our lives over to Him and allow Him to work thru us. Your are truly a handmaiden of the Lord, your site will bring healing and faith to many. God Bless and keep you in His hands all the days of your life.

From a sister in Indiana.
Praise God for Web Sites such as yours. I was delighted to read about your life and how the Lord touched you and your family. Our Lord Jesus Christ is so AWESOME. There is absolutely nothing impossible with God. There are so many Web Sites that are harmful to people, but to visit yours is a breath of FRESH air. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for spreading the precious word of God.

From a sister in Ohio.
How can you rate something that God has empowered you to share to the one person that so needs to hear what you have written. I have read many different writings but, you by far have a gift from our Lord! I am so grateful that you are able to touch someone like myself today. I had no idea that what you wrote will be in my mind and other's as well for a very long time to come. I want to give you through Christ a double portion of His love to spread through people's hearts. I thank you again.

from North Carolina.
I like your content! Hello. God Bless you. Your words truly nourish my soul. I enjoy all of your writtings. It makes me smile to see that the Lord has such a great warrior on the battlefield. Continue to bless His name.

from St. Kitts & Nevis, Caribbean Islands.
I was searching for articles on the Holy SPIRIT and on Speaking In TONGUES and GLORY TO JESUS who direct me to your SITE.The information you provided is exactly what I needed, my soul was and is richly BLESS. May GOD continue to use you to be a blessing in many more LIVES.

from Nixa, MO
Dear Trudy, I found your site late last evening after coming home from church. I was very tired, but felt much better after reading some of your inspirational poems and scriptures. I could feel the annointing flowing from the pages. God bless you and thanks. I expect this to be one of my most favorite sites.

from the Cayman Islands
Trudy, I was surfing when I came across your site late last night. God urged me to read your testimony. I was so enthralled, I could not stop reading. I was so touched with the healing of your sister, I had to share your story with my co-workers. In addition, while going through my own problems and searching for answers, your words gave me hope and a deeper understanding of how precious Jesus is! He is our friend who is the same always-never changing. We just need to be quiet at times and listen! Please keep me in your prayers as I will keep you in mine. I wish you continued success.

from Decatur,Tx.
Very good article on sex and purity under the oral sex and Christians topic. I am the vp/chaplain of a motorcycle ministry and there are some very useful points in this article I will use in the future. Thanks. I look forward to visitig again soon. Be blessed. May His Anointing Permeate your page and bring Peace and deliverance to all who enter. In the Name of Jesus. II Co 2:14

from a visitor from Georgia, USA
Sometimes a little light can start a fire. When the burning desire of Christ enters a persons life the flame consumes and reforms that person from the inside out. Your Messages and Devotions are a light that can not only be words to read, but a guide and flame to recreate a lost soul. Burn in Christ!

from Pretoria, South Africa.
Greetings in that wonderful name above all names, JESUS. I like your words of wisdom with insight and understanding. Pearls of wisdom from His collection. All great things have had small start, why even the mighty oak was once a small sapling. I can see that you are well on your way to much greater things to come.

from Queens, NY
I was led to this site while searching for a prayer of deliverance. I believe that the Lord led me to this site to provide me with a visual confirmation of DELIVERANCE.
I praise the Lord for His deliverance.
I praise the Lord for all that he has done for me. Those things seen and unseen. It is now time for me to offer up praises to Zion. For truly Zion is calling me to a higher place of praise.
May the blessings of the Lord be with al that come across this message. For the Lord has been good to us all. May we all continue to praise Him in spirit and truth. Let God be magnified.

from Somewhere on this globe!
Hi Trudy, I just finished reading your TESTIMONY. I am so moved. You have had an extraordinary life for sure. This has been a real blessing to me tonight, how much you will never know. I have been going through something very terrible for months now. Just last night I decided God was not for me, I must have done something so wrong He would never forgive me or love me again. Your testimony has reaffirmed to me that He loves me and is going to be there with me forever. I have been dealing with a large problem and it seems God didn't care about me. I know that is wrong now, thanks to you.
At the end of your testimony you said you believed God was revealing His Spirit and that is just what happened. Thank you so much and God bless you.

from unknown place.
Hi Trudy: It's so great to hear from you. I am so. so happy because I have always wanted to find out what are the do's and don't in a marriage when having sex. Oral Sex and The Christian Marriage was one of the topics. Another one was the Steps to Financial Freedom, For Women Only, Sowing Seed in Marriage this is doing a great change in my life and I can also see a change within myself and how differently I look at things now.

But, I am so thrilled because I do not have anyone to teach me these things. I have been praying for answers that no one would ever be honest enough to teach me and I felt as if my life was wasting away. I felt that there was something missing and there were nights that I cried to God asking Him to show me and teach me these things. Trudy, God has shown me his glory through you and have provided the information that I needed to know. My faith in God has even grown.

All the information that I have gotton through you is like treasure to me now. I made up a folder and I have them there to read and to teach someone else that might need it one day. Thanks. again.

From a Brother, unknown living area.
Trudy.... First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to e-mail me. Not just a short e-mail, but a long one that was obviously well thought out. There really are people out there who care. You have a sweet spirit and heart for the Lord. You definitely know the meaning of serving God and others. Thank you so much!

Secondly, yesterday I did something I have never done. I redidicated my life to Christ. I surrendered my life, soul, mind, heart and body to him. I know it is a day by day process to change, and it won't be overnight, but I have to say I feel so different already. I FEEL FREE! Free from bondage and free from sin. I haven't felt that way for a long time.

Your e-mail blew me away! It really confirmed everthing I read in scripture yesterday, and helped me to understand the power I have in Christ to overcome. Satan has no power over me! " Greater is He that is in me then He that is in the world" I wrote a letter to God, telling him all the things I was giving up for him. Movies I shouldn't watch,T.V, music of the world, and anything that might tempt me to lust. Anything that will temp me to sin, I am taking out of my life. "Not by might nor by Power, but by My Spirit says the Lord". I am standing by that word. I hung it on my wall and I look at it everyday. Only By His Spirit can I overcome.

Today I felt the urge, but I went right to the word of God, and prayed, and I didn't have the urge anymore. His Power is amazing! I only wish I would have seen this all sooner. I have been a Christian for so long, but never knew that masturbation was wrong. Infact many Christan leaders told me it wasn't, but I never felt right about it. I now know it is wrong and it is a sin after I read Sexual Sins and the Need for Change . I know God has forgiven me, but It will take longer for me to forgive myself. All these years of harming my temple that God has given me. I love the Lord so much, and am so sorry I hurt Him in that way. I now have Victory in Jesus!

Praise the Lord! I know I have a long way to go, and I know it will be very hard sometimes. But, the reward God offers, compared to what the world offers is so much more rewarding. I love God so much and want to serve Him and He has given me the gift of singing. I want to use my life as a living sacrifice for Him.

Please keep me in your prayers. I still have not told anyone about this, and am thinking about someone I can tell to keep me accountable. I pray God sends someone I can trust to tell. Thank you for your letter. It helped me more then I can say! God bless you and keep you. What you are doing for Him, is so wonderful!!
In Christ.

from Ontario, Canada. A desperate heart touched by the Father.
I have read many of the inspirational messages and testimonies as laid-out in your web site.   Thank you for taking the time to write to me...
Trudy,  I know that you are very busy in your work  --  that I am not the only person suffering in this world  --  that the world is FULL of suffering,  but all the more reason for my gratitude to you and to the Lord for being willing to listen  --  and morever,  for caring.
I am already blessed a hundred fold,  and your prayers are serving to build my own strength.
I am beginning very gradually to understand what it means to "leave it in the hands of God" --  I am learning to understand what it means to "live in Faith"  --  and I know that I have barely even started.
But I have read everything you have told me to read,  and when I feel the depression and panic creeping back in,  I know that Satan is doing his best to hit me below the belt ...  I guess that's a big part of the reason why I write you these long letters ... because I know that you are part of God's army -- and talking to you helps me remember that there is a God who cares with all His heart  --  that He is working through you and your network of faithful.   Bless you and your ministry Trudy.   I pray this in the Name of The Father,  The Son and The Holy Spirit.  Amen.
God go with you,  and as I learn more about How to pray,  as you are teaching me to pray, I pray also for all those you have asked to pray for me and J.....s.  Already,  I am Blessed by the Father a hundred fold ... Thank you, thank you, thank you ..in Jesus' name.

More from the above person, Ontario, Canada.
Trudy, As we've been corresponding privately by e-mail for a couple of weeks now, I thought it would be only appropriate to "go public" by signing your guest book.
Your correspondence with me has been serving to strengthen me through a very difficult period in my life.
For anyone who might be looking at this page for the first time, or perhaps lost, lonely, desparate, at your wits' end, please believe me -- prayer helps -- Trudy has access to what seems to be a limitless number of real people like you and me -- plain, simple human beings ...
The Truth is that we are not alone ... how could such an immense Universe so full of mysteries possibly exist without God. Read Trudy's articles, read the Bible -- In our modern secularized world, our suffering goes largely un-checked because we turn away from a personal relationship with God.

Take it from me! I've been in psycho-therapy for over a year, but in a matter of mere weeks, through Trudy's guidance, tutelage, patience, compassion and true care, I am being made to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit working in my life. Where before there has been depression and only pain, there is now a brimming sense of strength -- it's not magic -- it's God.
Don't let yourself be fooled by the ways of a "Godless" world -- our actions and our thoughts DO MATTER -- Not only that, but WE MATTER TO GOD WHO LOVES US ---
Pray, pray with faith -- even if you think you don't believe, you will begin to see a difference -- We are blessed that there is someone like Trudy, shepherding us into the Path of God's ever-lasting light -- guided through the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name.
Praise be to God, and Peace to All Mankind -- Believe it -- this may well be the beginning of a New Life for you -- Ask for God's help, He will make you pure if you only let Him.

from Sister KMS.
I read your experience in your writing MY BABY BOY... PUT IT ON TRUDY!!!! This will bless MILLIONS!!! Dear FRIEND, tears just ran from my eyes and the blessing that came over me was UNREAL! This will reach SO MANY and show them the LOVE OF GOD & that MIRACLES do happen TODAY!
You are really anointed and blessed my dear friend! This site is AWESOME!!! You go girl!!! Put it out there & make not mistake!!!! PRAISE HIS WONDERFUL NAME! His grace and mercy still reign!!
!PRAISE HIS NAME!!! You are the greatest Trudy just let GOD have his way! He was APPARENTLY leading you by HIS SPIRIT to do this! God bless you my dear friend, just do His work!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with me! Know that I love you and keep you in my prayers daily!!!!!

From Brother DdB.
Trudy.. I read your writing MY BABY BOY. I cannot tell you how that touched me. I'm still crying and read it three times. Any and all need to hear these Testimonies OF POWER. They hold the power to change lives. PRAISE GOD AND PRAISES TO JESUS CHRIST, HIS SON!

from Sister N
I cried as I read MY BABY BOY Some of the tears shed were of joy and thanksgiving for how blessed you have been, are and will be as the Lord continues using you in such a powerful manner.

As mothers and grandmothers, the senior women of the world, I feel we are obligated to tell our younger sisters about the difficult roads we dug, paved and walked alone so that, hopefully, they will understand that they are not the first to have made a mess of their lives. More important than that, they will see that there is no road that we can possibly dig that He cannot redig, repave and walk along side us....even carry us when we are too weary and unable to take another step.

God asks us to do things that are not particularly fun and sometimes they are things we certainly would rather not do. However, as obedient children we move forward with thanksgiving for having the opportunity to serve Him.

I am sure this was one of those times, for you. As difficult as it may have been to expose your past to the world and general public, we both know in the deepest recesses of our hearts that "My Baby Boy" will help some young sister realize that she, too, can be forgiven; that abortion is not the answer; that through Him all things can be made right; that Satan truly is a liar.

If, as a result of your experience and obedience, only one unborn child makes it to take his/her first breath; only one young lady seeks the face of our Lord; only one young man accepts the responsibilities associated with an unwed mother, every moment of discomfort you suffered would have been worth it.

My dear sister, I pray that you will always hear His voice and that you will continue to be the obedient, humble servant that you are. God bless you, Trudy. And thank you for sharing My Baby Boy with me. Only God could have given such a beautiful ending to that chapter of your life.

A sister from Singapore
Dear Dr. Trudy, Being able to find someone like you in the internet in the midst of this wretched-filled world we're living in encourage me to know that there is someone whose life God has turned around from such brokenness and bondages of sin to someone who would live all out for Him. It encourages me to know that ALL IS NOT LOST AND HOPE IS STILL THERE DESPITE WHAT WE FEEL OR THINK ABOUT OUR SITUATION. It encourages me to know that God is still working in our lives. And it encourages me to know that we're not alone in our struggles. Yours is a 'faith-lifter' and a truely godly woman whose love for the Lord I would want to immitate. Thank you for sharing with us your testimonies and wonderful poems. It has been a real blessing to my faith.

Sister from New Jersey
Dear Trudy, The Lord bless you!
Thank you for telling me about Your New Writing. LOSING of ONESELF is so meaningful to me and the clearest understanding of what this means that I have ever read. Thank you for sharing this with us! May the Lord Jesus continue using you to His honor and glory and drawing others to Himself. In His Love,

from a sister in Kentucky
You have a wonderful site here. Just by reading it I can tell that our LORD had a hand in it. I came to this site to find out if I should believe in the man that I have married after so much pain has been in our marriage. I have come to realize that he is not the only one who has caused the pain. I did my part in that too. I KNOW now that with the LORD's help we can overcome the painful past and make our marriage strong again. Thank you for this site. It helped me to see this. The Lord has lifted me up and shown me the way out of my depression. Thank you for your web site. It was a blessing on a sleepless night. May God bless you one hundred fold for the time and effort you have put into this work and having saved and delivered those in need. For truly He will multiply the good seeds which have been sown here. Amen.

Sister from Florida
Thank You so much for your site. It has really lifted me up & is helping me make some major decisions in my life concerning my marriage. I was really depressed & knew I had to read God's word or ask for prayer. I decided to get on the internet to ask for prayer and found this wonderful Christian site. It made me realize I was trying to handle things my way instead of God's way. Thanks for the reminder. I was so overwhelmed, but by God leading me to your site I am finally feeling some peace in my heart through all the scriptures & writings. May God continue to use you with the gift he has given you. God Bless You!

Sister from New Jersey
What a beautiful website. I cried so hard reading all the lovely things you wrote. I was so blessed. I felt the Lord's presence the whole time I was reading all those tremendous stories. It helped me build my faith!! I will tell others of your site. You are such a blessing! God must be so pleased with you. You are the apple of his eye! God Bless you mightily and write me if you can.

Another sister from New Jersey.
Truely and sincerely I don't know where to begin. I just want to thank you from the greatest depth of my heart and soul. To whom ever created this site you are greatly loved because without any knowledge you have helped to save my soul, life, spirit, and most of all my faith in Christ Jesus. I must end this message now due to being overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. Bless and thank you! I cried while I read the poems and had to compose myself and hold back tears in order to write this letter. God bless you all! Please keep me in your prayers, and my husband.

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