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All For Christ Ministry 2006 Report

Benshangul-Gumuz area, Ethiopia

And when the Gentiles heard this, they were glad, and glorified the word of the Lord: and as many as were ordained to eternal life believed. And the word of the Lord was published throughout all the region. Acts 13:48,49

Our Missionaries presented this report for the period of January - March 2006.

In the past 3 months the missionaries were tested by different challenges.
In spite of this all, they go forward by the grace of God.

  • More than a 1000 people have heard the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.
  • 107 surrendered their lives to the King and Savior; Lord Jesus Christ.
  • 54 people are being made one with the body of Christ through Water Baptism.
  • 21 children came to the house of the Lord.
  • One of our missionaries received the land from the regional government and begun to build a church.
  • Informal education already started for the believers and for the community around the church.
  • The believers continue to plough the land and prepare cultural beehives for their own income and for the new church.


1. One woman was sick for over 6 years. She was very skinny and spent a lot of money going to the hospital and witch doctor. After spending so much money, she still didn't find a solution. One day, she was invited to the church by one of the new believers and she received the Lord as her personal Savior on that very day. The missionary prayed for her sickness and she was healed and delivered from demon possession. Today, she came to church with her 3 children to worship the Lord. Because of her healing, the Name of the Lord Jesus was lifted up high, and her first daughter came with her husband with their daughter and surrendered to the Lord.

2. A man paralyzed in his left foot for 30 years was healed by the power of God. Now he worships the Lord God with his wife and son with great joy.

3. A man who was blind for over 30 years was healed by the power of the living God. Today, he came to the church to worship the true God.

The Almighty God has done many miracles and signs by the hands of these missionaries. Many people were healed from demon possessed, malaria, tuberculoses and many other things.

All reports are approved by the local church of the area.


Our missionaries face different challenges by humans, Satan and various circumstances.
Some of the challenges are:

  • Due to the lack of food and drinking water, the missionaries become sick.
  • There are not enough Bibles to give to the new believers, because in Ethiopia Bibles are very costly.
  • Missionaries spend their time in the desert, where the weather is mostly very hot.
  • There is no formal education for the children.

Recently, one of our brothers in the Lord was martyred by the demon worshipers. Due to this, the missionaries and the people are very scared. These murderers still persecute the missionaries.


1. To build more churches.
2. To make training available to the missionaries.
3. To purchase Bibles and others spiritual material.
4. To send more missionaries to reach the lost.
5. To teach believers how to use their natural resources and live a productive life for the glory of God.

For His Glory
Minister Solomon Haile, Director AFCM.

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