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All we did do in our lives,
the people we've met,
the things we've enjoyed
and the plans we've made,
will be lost when we leave this earth.

But, whatever we've done for Jesus Christ
will be of value and will effect us
in the "Hereafter".

Let us therefore walk in His footprints and
crucify the flesh, so we may also share in
His Resurrection.

Consider the shortness of life and
the length of Eternity!
Make the wrong choice now
and suffer forever.

* * * * * * *


With His Peace in your mind
reach out to rescue others
With Love so hard to find
spread goodness- embrace the brothers

With His Praises in your heart
sing a new song aloud
With His Joy as your part
don't be bothered by a cloud

With these Treasures in your hand
invest.... to double its worth
'cause once you've left this land
you'll never come back to earth.

* * * * * * *


For the Lord is my helper and my staff,
He is a relief in a time of stress;

He is like water in a time of drought;
He is a light in a night of darkness;

He is my joy in times of sorrow;
He is my fulfillment when there is emptiness;

He is my strength in weakness;
He is my all when I am nothing.

* * * * * * *


His Word is a LOVE letter to you, NOT a whip to hurt.
His hand is outstreched to help you, NOT to slap.
Jesus came to dry your tears, NOT to make you cry.
He died to forgive your sins, NOT to point at them.
He came to heal your wounds, NOT to leave scars.
He came to bring you peace and take away your fears.

* * * * * * *


I have seen your tears and heard your bitter cry
I've noticed your labor, as softly you did sigh
Now wake up and gather all your arms
To lay down the enemy, who pesters and harms.

Go forward, for in My strength you can stand
Lift up the shield, take the sword in your right hand
Be brave and courageous, while swinging the sword
Bring freedom from bondage, by the power of My Word.

Don't fear, I say, them that seek your very life
Don't open your mouth to them that want to strive
But rather walk in My ways and spread My peace
to them that are hurting, who search to find release.

When you obey and put a stone in your sling
The giant will fall down and you'll fear no thing
Cut off his strength and the victory will be won
This will only work though, when the "old self" is gone.

* * * * * * *


The waves of life's sea may come pretty high
You'll need some help, I'm suggesting to draw nigh
To the ONLY ONE, Who can rescue with speed
Who'll give you strength in time of dire need

But to Him you have to surrender your ALL
To become victorious, you have to answer His call
Obey His voice and walk according to His Word
Keep open your eyes and for satan be alert

Satan will be out to kill and destroy ALL good
He lies, steals and he fouls up your mood
Stay away from the edge of sin, I pray
Walk the straight Path, cause for sin you'll pay

Grab His Holy Hand, never to let go again
Wrong decisions made cause you to suffer eternal pain.
So, be wise and listen to the voice of the Lord
He'll bless, as you walk with Him in one accord.

* * * * * * *


Love is something you cannot feel,
although it is so very real.

Love is something you cannot teach,
but it's sure able to reach.

Love is nowhere in this world for sale,
when God given will never grow stale.

Love will only abound,
whenever shared around.

* * * * * * *


Run the race; never to look back again!
Fight to win the battle of faith; never to lose it!
Surrender your life to Him; never to regain it!
Lean on Jesus alone; never to give up!
Give Him the wheel; never to take control!

* * * * * * *

Faith is positive action;
a move forwards; a step in God's direction
A teeter-totter gives only back and forth motion
But with faith you can cross an ocean

* * * * * * *

Looking at your circumstances brings Depression
Looking around at others brings Distraction
Looking back at your failures brings Defeat
Looking up to the Lord brings Deliverance

* * * * * * *

Just remember, it is not through OUR strength that His
strength is made perfect... but through our weakness
We bring Him our problems, He brings us grace
2Corinthians 12:9

* * * * * * *

Don't get caught reacting in the "flesh"
Become saturated and drenched with the Scripture
When "squeezed", all that will come out is God's word.

* * * * * * *

Prayer alone is not enough
Your walk and the confession of your mouth
has to run parallel with your prayers
They are inseparable
It is like bicycling on a bike with two wheels;
Remove one wheel, and you're flat on your face

* * * * * * *

God can do ALL things
He does not need your ability, disability or qualifications
He'll do much better without all that
What He needs is your dedication,
your co-operation and communication

* * * * * * *

Blessed be the Lord, the God of our Salvation!


 Hey, I LUV YOU ~~~

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