A Christian Counselor


Two butterflies fly so happy and free,
it seems they've nothing to disagree.
They do not know their lives are short,
but fly around with carefree thought.

Two dandelions small but proud,
lift up their heads as if there's no cloud.
They think their days are long and nice,
until the mower takes them by surprise.

Two nightingales sing their lovely song,
they wish this could last all night long.
But sometime soon their song will be gone,
for darkness takes over, till morning will dawn.

Two people together live happy and free,
their love is so tender and big like a tree.
But what if clouds burst or darkness prevails?
how far will their love go, when put on the scales?

This all sounds depressing, so it may appear,
but wait until I've made it clear.
The cares of this life may pull you down,
your love for each other not always deserves a crown.

In difficult times when it's hard to get through,
Jesus will help you if you let Him to.
He is the answer for every new day,
May He lead both of you in His Perfect Way.

* * * *


There are a few things in life that can make you happy
but not that many are long last
There are other things that will evoke you to be crabby
and I hope that these stay in the past
Some people can make you laugh, others cause you to cry
but never throw up your hands and sigh.

Along life's path some lessons are to be learned
One cannot always depend on others - however turned
But still there can be happiness and peace within
If you put your hope and trust in Him
True happiness is only in one place to be found
knowing Jesus and sharing Him around.

* * * *


You are chosen and from death you were raised
The Lord is wonderful and to be praised
Be strong in Him and lift your head up high
His trumpet is sounding and His coming is nigh
Be of good courage, He will appear before your eyes
He'll lift you up and carry you to Paradise.

* * * *


How would you like to see humbleness,
in life's street where speed is so obvious
in untouched wilderness where lions roar
in a dark sky where vultures freely soar ?

Right here boldness and courage must flow
like a river running outside its borders, though
Here t'is where we allow strength to appear
like an unbridled horse galloping along the mere.

It's called courage and bravery, coming from on High
It may be challenged for its Truth, 't never will die
For it comes from God, my Father, as a free gift
I'll soon give it back to Him, humble and swift.

But for now, I need a handle, a staff, a rock
I cannot allow weakness, while the world is in shock
Though some are uncomfortable accepting my hand
they don't believe they need to be mend.

They may not see their land is possessed
that satan won't give them a minute to rest
Many are driven like cattle to the slaughter
I see children, elders, parents.....their daughter.

That's why I'll handle the sword quickly and act snell
to help save as many, who're rushing to hell.
It's all done in the power of His might
nothing is accomplished through human pride.

Now, I've pictured what a believer sees TRUE
I'll stand on guard for them....even for you
Perhaps you have not noticed my friend
I'm still humble to the Leader in Command.

* * * *


There is a time to sow and a time to reap
a time to slow down, a time to leap
a time to laugh and a time to cry
a time to live , a time to die.

Here on earth we� consider hour and season
we are limited and have to plan within reason
But when time and days are no longer our pace
We have entered into Eternity and Space.

It is hard to imagine what that will be like
To feel free as an eagle, to move like a pike
A glorified body, if Jesus we've known
will always sing praises to Him on the Throne.

So, even we're bound in this life to a scheme
It's just short, three score and ten it seems
To follow in the Lord's footsteps is worth it all
To be free in Eternity is an Eternal call.

* * * *

Writings & Poems, copyright © Dr. Trudy Veerman, 2000.
All rights reserved.

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