A Christian Counselor

Dear Mother of Mine

My sweet mother, so dear to my heart
How fondly I can remember you still
You've gone from my side, we did depart
Now you're resting on top of the hill

Even now I can see your hands and feet
Swiftly moving to provide for us all
In cooking, baking bread and something sweet
Just to keep us under control

You were with us when life revealed pain
About things we were quite unaware
You whispered gently, but with firm restraint
And kept us away from life's hidden snare

Often when nobody else was around
In the quietness from each brand new day
Gently to us came a whispering sound
As down on your knees you would pray

In bed, as you tucked us in with love
You would teach us your humble prayers
And you would come right from above
If we cried, after dreaming nightmares

Your hard work never came to an end
From early morning until late at night
Preparing for the next day as the present did relent
Before you could finally turn off the light

Your diligent work has paid off at last
For now in my heart I can clearly see
Through all these years our bond did hold fast
Once so precious between you and me

I wrote this poem in remembrance of you
A dear mother, who is not here anymore
To let you know that I appreciate all you did do
As one of seven children, whom you did adore

* * * * * * *

Copyright © Dr.Trudy Veerman, 1999, 2000
All Rights Reserved

In memory of Catharina Schuurman-Melder
1910 - 1998

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