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A BOOK OF MY POETIC writings is now available.

It is "perfect" bound and comes with a complimentary bookmark. It has a very attractive cover, with design and art work by the author.
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Foreword by Rev. Dr. P. Bradley Carey

The book is of a comfortable size, 5 1/2" X 8 1/4 ", it is crammed with God's goodness. It contains some 80 poems, prayers, prose, songs, prophecies laced with Scriptures.

This book is not merely filled with lines that rhyme, but with soothing and healing words. It is suitable for devotion and meditation, besides enjoyment.
Ideal to give as a present; a silent evangelizer.

Meet the author here : Dr. Trudy Veerman

If you wish to order the book send a donation, as suggested below:

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NOTE, my latest poems are not included in the book. (of course).

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Poems, copyright © Dr.Trudy Veerman, 1997 - 2012. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Hold Me Tight, Dear Lord
Jesus, The Rescuer
Gentle Shepherd
Thoughts to Ponder
Praise, The Gateway
Wait and Be Still
A Shelter from the Storm
Dear Mother of Mine
The Cross, His Love
Christmas Page #2
Christ is Born
Your Assurance
A Medley Of Poems
Encouraging Poems
The Last Threshold
God's Creation
The Garden, 9-11-2001
Sailing Along
Mirror of the Soul
The Promised Life
The Father's Hand
The Later Hour
Your Wondrous Works
The Shadow of the Almighty
I Will Glorify God
The Road of Life
His Death & Obituary

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