This page is a tribute to Canada, my second homeland.

God's country

Picture taken close to home.

Hello, WELCOME to my Canadian Page, I am Dr. Trudy Veerman, a Christian Therapist from Ontario.

Canada is one of the most beautiful and diverse country in the world and I love it. Coming from Europe, I immigrated to Canada in 1966 with my husband and 4 small children. We never did regret it. From the very first day on I loved this vast country with its much open space. It has beautiful seasons with lots of sun, lots of snow and lots of color. I truly thank the Lord God for bringing me here and allowing me and my family to enjoy life in Canada.

I am sure you will enjoy the many pictures and informative links below.

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View some of Canada's most beautiful sceneries below:
Scenic pictures I took around our property

Some of our cruising pictures and click here FOR MORE

Pictures of winter around our home

JAVA picture of Rideau Canal Lock and more

Adventures in Ontario

Canadian Attractions

Canada, World Factbook

Canadian Heritage

Canada's Parliament

Discover Canada

Travel via Canadian Railway

Hugo Fernbom's Canadian page

If you care to know why I love Canada so much, please, read my Wartime Memories' webpage, just click.

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