A Christian Counselor

poems © Dr. Trudy Veerman

Though the horizon seems to be far away,
our future in Him is sure, we won't go astray.
Though the sunset cannot be reached,
we can do the "Impossible"... Jesus has preached.

His Spirit gives us hope and faith,
for things we cannot comprehend or place.
Though our human mind can only go so far,
our spirit can reach beyond the star.

Because we know... we walk with Him,
nothing is too far....too high....too dim.
We grasp the "Unreachable" with God,
we'll fly and soar higher, till we're just a dot.

Then He'll become bigger...as we're getting small...
To accomplish His purpose... to answer His call.
Our future in Him is solid and true,
He'll always give us, what He promised to do.

* * * * * * *


All around us we can hear desperate cries
of human pain, hurts and endless sighs
Unborn babies who are having it tough
not given a chance to receive any love.

Little children's lives torn apart
longing for parents with a heart
Rebellious teenagers without a home
Elderly people ignored and left alone.

People tumbling over each other reaching their goal
not considering their neighbour who sits in the hole
Selfish motives sever them from godly instruction
blindfolded they run into their own destruction

The only way mankind can be saved from defeat
is to crucify SELF and give Christ the lead
It may seem we're losing when He is in control.
But if He takes our burdens, we're winners after all.

* * * * * * *


His Presence is so beautiful, so encouraging, so refreshing
as a cool breeze on a hot day, a song in a dreary hour,
a bright light in the darkness, a soothing balm on a wound,
as a gentle touch in time of need, Amen.

* * *

Praise Jesus, many will find their answer in Him; their needs supplied,
their tears dried, their pain stilled, their wounds soothed,
their broken heart mended, their hungry soul fed,
their blind eyes opened and their captured soul delivered.
* * *

How wonderful did the Lord bind us together, how tangible His Love.
Although we may never meet, I'm sure we will greet above.
Together we'll sing His Praises for ever and ever.
Then we'll embrace and departing will be never.

* * *

How little do we know, how much do we need to know, and...
how much He lets us know of what He wants us to know.
How we forget who He is and who we are!

* * *

We may forget Him sometimes, but He'll never forget us.
He is always one step ahead, one page further,
a breath closer, a touch away, always in sight, within reach.
He hears our cries, sees our tears, feels our hurts,
heals our wounds, lifts us up, answers our prayer
and carries us over hills and through valleys.
Praise You Jesus.
* * *

Tiresome we fight the GOOD fight.
Tireless He blesses wherever He can.
Meaningless man fights His Will.
Meaningful He provides for All.
Our wisdom is foolish in His sight.
His Wisdom� uses the world's fool,
May we become� that kind of a fool,
so we can be "usefool" in His Kingdom
Let the wisdom of the Lord speak,
so the fool will be silenced.

* * *

His smile is loving and kind, His touch.. tender and firm.
He'll direct you when the roads have washed out.
He'll give you opportunities to see HIM at work,
Where there is hopelessness, HE IS HOPE.
Where there is sorrow, HE IS COMFORT.
Where there is agony, HE IS RELIEF.
Where there is strife, HE IS PEACE.

* * *


* * * * * * *

Have a wonderful day, with Jesus on your side.
Maranatha!..Keep looking up!..He's coming for His Bride!

Writings & Poems, copyright © Dr. Trudy Veerman, 1999
All rights reserved.

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