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All For Christ Ministry 2005 Report

Benshangul-Gumuz area, Ethiopia

And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. Matthew 10:7,8

And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Mark 16:20

Accomplishment within the past year.

* 822 people received the Lord Jesus as their King and Savior
* 115 people were baptized
* 111 children came to the house of God
* Ethnics fighting stopped around church planted areas
* We built and planted two churches in the area
* More than 50 people were healed by the power of God
* We purchased and distributed four hundred Gospel of John booklets
* Informal education has been started for children in each planted church

God stretched out His Hand through these missionaries as people were healed from paralysis, dumbness, demon possession and different types of physical and spiritual diseases. Among those delivered and brought in the glorious Kingdom of Jesus Christ were witches and others involved in different pagan and occultic practices. God also delivered some of them from deep poverty. The missionaries taught them how to cultivate their land; the people prepare 100 cultural beehives, planting vegetables, and live a productive lifestyle.

Some of the MIRACLES

Healed from Blindness

There was one woman who was blind for 15 years who was miraculously healed by the power of God. Today she walks to church half an hour to worship the Lord. Due to her healing, eight people have come to the Lord!

Healed from sickness

One woman was very sick and bedridden for a whole year. She paid one thousand birr to a witch to get healing. However, she wasn't healed. The woman heard about the healing power of the Lord Jesus from her neighbors who weren't even believers. She called the missionary to her home and asked him to pray for her. Before Deriba (our missionary) even called on the Lord, she was healed.

Delivered from Satan

One 24 years old woman was possessed by Satan for 17 years. She couldn't control her body; fell everywhere, and sometimes she slept in the street. One day, when the missionary, walked to the village to teach and preach, he saw her in the street. People surrounded her, and the Lord told him that this is the time for her. Then he started to pray intensively. God is faithful she was totally healed. The people saw God's love on that day and as a result, 10 people said, YES to the Lord.

Another woman from the Gumuze clan was bound by Satan from the day of her birth. One day, the missionary went to her house and said peace be to this home. The minute he entered this house, the enemy started to shout. The missionary said: "I commanded him in Jesus Name to leave," the devil was cast out, and the woman was healed. Her husband had idols in the house whom he would worship. The idols' names were -''KUDAm'', and were believed to bring health and wealth. The husband destroyed all these idols and he gave his life and house to the Lord Jesus and was baptized.

Healed from sickness and transfered to blessing

The missionary went to another house and witnessed to a man called Abesa Zegye, whose wife was sick. Before he prayed for her healing, he told Abese about what the Lord had done for him on the cross. Abese asked the missionary, can your God give me money? After he asked this, the missionary filled with Holy Ghost said: "Yes, but in one condition, that you don't move to the right nor left of what I have told you." After he heard the gospel and has his question answered, both he and his wife received the Lord Jesus into their hearts and the wife was healed.

Then, he went out in search of gold. The missionary admonished him: "The Gumuze people ask their god to show the place of where to find gold. Don't be like them! You have to go in the name of Jesus and you will get what you are looking for." After he told him this, he pray with Abesa and he went out and started to dig. Almost immediately, he found gold.

The people around him saw this and took notice. Then they came to his hole and took over the place. They began digging but found nothing! But Abesa went to another place and began digging. Again he found gold in his ''thresher", and again the people pushed him away to dig his hole and found nothing. The same story happened for the third and forth time. Finally Abesa went home with his hands full. He sold the gold at the cost of 800 birr which is equivalent to $ 92. This a lot of money in Benishangul Gumuz.

Today, Abesa is very blessed and has an ox to plough the land. Prior to this, he used his own hands to plough. Now he lends his ox to his neighbors, who plough for him. Furthermore, he also bought a donkey for transportation and to carry things. Before he had to sleep in a bed made from hard bamboo. Now he has a good bed made from chaff which is much more comfortable. Today, this brother serves the Lord as a missionary to his people.

Saved from Danger

This same person, Abesa Zegeye after receiving the Lord, was bit by a snake while at work on his farm. He said, "I am dying", and started to shout. The village gathered around to see what had happened to him. The Spirit of God led the missionary to this place, and he held him by his hands and prayed for him. He was healed right there in Jesus Name, and since then, the whole village knows that his God is the true God. Four men gave their life to the True and Living God.

Marriage restoration

Berhanu Negero was someone the missionary didn't know before. However, he just went to his house to say hello. When he entered, Berhanu was alone and very depressed. The missionary asked him about his problem, as a person who has the authority and solution in his hand through the power of the Holy Ghost.. Berhanu replied: "My wife left me with our child and because of this, I am feel very lonely and depressed. I am always thinking of killing myself." After the missionary heard him, he told him: "The devil wants to destroy your family, but the Lord Jesus restores the family and gives life! If you receive the Lord Jesus as your personal savior, I will pray to my Lord for you. He will give you eternal life and destroy the devil's work in your life. Your wife will come back!"

He received the Lord after the missionary prayed for him and the missionary left. Since that day, Berhanu started coming to church. Two months later, the missionary returned to his village and saw him leaving his house and running towards him. Berhanu was full of joy and said: "Do you remember your prayers for my lost wife? She is back, please come and visit her." The missionary went to his house and witnessed to her about the Lord Jesus Christ, and she received him. After this, the missionary taught Berhanu and his wife sound doctrine on how to walk in holiness before God, and baptized both of them. Now they are very active members in the body of Christ, and they always come to the church very early.

Paralyzed child healed

The missionary spent one night with this family that have a two and a half year old baby girl unable to walk since birth. Every thing was difficult for the mother because she had to carry her child everywhere and actually hired someone to carry her own child. This hired person eventually was fed up and fled. The family through this ordeal started to give up hope and grumbled amongst themselves.

One day the missionary said to himself: "This thing is very easy for God, as he can change the story of anybody. I have to pray with this family." He convinced the family that they should start to call upon the name of Jesus and pray in faith by laying our hands on this baby. At first, the baby stood up on her feet, then she moved one foot, next the other. Eventually, she started to move. Today, she can run and play with her friends. The fear of God fell upon this area and because of this; more than 20 people came to the Lord Jesus. Thus, the Lord has opened an incredible door to minister.

Dumb child healed

One day, the missionary's plan was to spend the whole day in prayer in someone's house. In the middle of the day, God spoke to him to go out, but he didn't know where. He started to walk and after 1 kilometer, an old man sat outside his hut and greeted him, "good afternoon" and the missionary responded kindly. The old man then invited the missionary to come to have coffee with his family.

This man had a four-year-old daughter who couldn't speak from birth. As the missionary sat in their midst, they had a discussion and the man mentioned: "Our daughter can't speak since birth and we took her to every witch doctor we know but they couldn't do anything. Do you know any other witch doctor to whom we can take her? What can we do?" The missionary responded: "I know one Healer, but He is not a witch doctor. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. What is impossible to man is possible with God and He can heal your daughter. His name is Jesus and if you give Him your life and home, you will see his glory." The old man said: "Here I am, and am available for Jesus." He yielded his life to the Lord Jesus and then they entered the house. Before he prayed, the missionary witnessed to the entire family.

That whole family accepted Jesus. After he prayed for the child and the house. The next morning the missionary went to his house. After a month, this family came to the missionary's house with a report that their daughter is healed and can say, "Daddy, Mommy". They said: "We decide to worship the true God!"

Deliverance from evil practices

It was the practice of a certain village that every female who underwent her first menstrual cycle, would be isolated far away from the community. She would be accompanied by 10 men and women of the same age. For this, the father would have to slaughter many sheep and goats to sustain this girl with her companions.

These evil practices would have a negative impact on the families' and communities' economy. Things went like this from generation to generation, until the gospel came. The missionary prayed and fasted with other believers over this village. The Lord intervened through government officials as they locked up witch doctors in that suburb. Whether through government or the church, the Lord is at work. This one family came to the Lord and did realize how much the enemy has robbed them financially and spiritually. Now they can serve Him with freedom without the bondage of these evil practices.

* * * * * * *

Thank you to all who support this ministry in reaching out with the gifts, talents, and resources that the Lord Jesus has entrusted at your disposal. God richly bless you!
In his Kingdom.
Minister Solomon Haile, Director AFCM.

Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season? Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. Of a truth I say unto you, that he will make him ruler over all that he hath. Luke 12:42-44

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